Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Budget Soothing Luxury Experience of Madinah

Being a Muslim individual straightaway means having highest regard, love and affection for Allah that sure to be highest deity for every single individual. If that is the case, then you must be having special relevance for the month of Ramadan as well.

Millions of Islamic followers have complete faith in Allah that make them do fasting for over a month and pray their heartiest prayers towards Him. Of course, Makkah seems to be ideal going place at this point, still Madinah has of equal significance in the eyes of devotees that like to step foot into the mosque of Prophet Mohammed. 

Well, what we mean to say is that, Madinah is surely regarded as second holiest place on planet earth for Muslims spreading all across the globe. Plus, Masjid Al Nabawi is said to be one stop destination for pilgrims to perform holy act of Umrah. 

In connection to all that, there is a majority of population who like to visit Madinah any point of the year. For such devotees or travellers, Al ShourfahHotel Madinah can be stated as ideal resting place within budget and that too within the close vicinity of unbeatable luxury.

This is a 3-star category hotel property yet luxurious in complete sense that sure to provide unparalleled staying pleasure to guests. Big size rooms, fascinating contemporary style interior, maximum space, extreme modernity, sumptuous dining pleasure, unbeatable hospitality madinah and ultimate peace and tranquillity are key features of this luxury hotel in Madinah.

Located just 150 meters away from Masjid Al Nabawi and also close to famous Dates Market and Al Noor Mall, Al Shourfah Hotel Madinah is sure to be first and foremost choice of travellers travelling under average budget.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Understand the Type of Hajj Package you Desire for

Hajj Booking 2018
Leading a normal life on a daily basis in the company of family, friends, and relatives make you feel happy and satisfied from within. This is actually a kind of human conscience everyone looks for.

Of course, there must be many loving people around you who make you feel motivated and stay inspired at one time or the other. However, there are certain instances when you feel the instinct of spiritual emptiness that can only be fulfilled by paying a visit to the doors of highest Deity.

In relation to that, Muslims all around the globe looking for their spiritual fulfilment in holiest acts like performing Hajj and Umrah. The two are considered as the holiest act of Allah’s worship that can only be done by one who is physically, mentally and financially sound and stable and who could bear the expenses of such a long trip.

Package can be Your Life Saviour

No doubt in the fact that, performing either Hajj or Umrah or even both at the same time levy heavily upon your pocket especially if you make every single arrangement on your own.

On the other side, there are Hajj and Umrah packages offered by trusted travel agents who make all the bookings like flight, accommodation, guide, airport transfer and for local transportation. With that means, you need not take the headache of pilling up loads of invoices of tickets and bookings in hand as everything will be taken care by reliable travel agents.

The only effort you need to perform is to choose a well-defined package as per one’s monetary reach. The very first one you can find is that of group package under which you will be travelling with other fellow pilgrims that could be from other parts of the world.

Another is a tailor-made Hajj and Umrah package that you design on your own choosing preferred choice of flights, convenience and accommodation.

When it comes to selecting a particular choice of flight there is not many options as millions of people travel the same. In terms lodging, you can make certain preference by taking the best out of online hotel booking Madinah.

The ideal you can look at is Al Shourfah Hotel Madinah which is a strategic looking 3-star accommodation best known for its unbeatable luxury, splendour and contemporary level of facilities inside.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Al Shourfah Hotel Madinah - Feel the Essence of Arabic Glory and Luxury

Al Shourfah Hotel Medina
Al Shourfah Hotel
Reaching holy city of Madinah is quite in your life, as you get a chance to visit purest place on earth. Spending few days here in the company of near and dear ones for visiting Prophet’s Mosque and other tourist attractions is nothing but heavenly journey of spiritual significance and utter peace and tranquility.

In order to make this journey go all the comfortable and memorable, get set to put your best feet forward inside Al Shourfah Hotel Madinah. This is the perfect example of class, luxury, splendor and grace that one can experience in a pocket friendly manner.

A centrally placed hotel in Medina is simply majestic for its monumental persona, unbeatable mix of Arabic and modern interior inside along with mouth-watering dining experience.

Room Information

Surely, you are going to embrace luxury at its best, while having a relaxed position inside plush looking rooms. Ideal glimpses Arabic architecture and artwork is best displayed on bedding. Vintage style wooden floor bring fascinating appeal to the eyes of guests. Plus, amenities to find inside are air condition, free Wifi, refrigerator, flat screen television, shower in bathroom and much more.

Strategically Located

One, who has real consideration with the location, will find this ultimate lodging settled just 150 meters away from Masjid Al Nabawi. Plus other places like, Dates Market(3Km) and Mount Ahad(4Kms) are located in the close vicinity of the hotel.

Budget Soothing Luxury Experience of Madinah

Being a Muslim individual straightaway means having highest regard, love and affection for Allah that sure to be highest deity for every s...